How To Operate Or Use A Pulse Oximeter Correctly?

The condition of a person’s blood tells a lot about his or her health. A healthy person should have enough white blood cells to fight infection and red blood cells as well. However, that is not the only measure of how healthy your blood is. Another test that one cannot ignore is to conduct using a pulse oximeter probe. What the device does is to measure the amount of oxygen that the patient has in his or her hemoglobin. Naturally, healthy blood means that it is oxygenated because that is the only way that it can supply nutrients and minerals all throughout the body. The question now is how to operate one correctly. We are well aware that medical professionals such as doctors and nurses know how to use the device but can normal patients use it as well despite their lack of training? Let us find out. Here are the steps for you.

  1. Firstly, the clip of the oximeter can be clipped to any of the following areas of the body – finger, toe, on the bridge of the nose or the earlobe. Due to ease, however, most people prefer to just clip it on their finger. For the ladies, please keep in mind that it will never work correctly when you are wearing a nail polish so you must remove it before performing the test. Otherwise, you will not get an accurate result.
  2. Remember that the proper way to use it is by placing the finger (or any of the mentioned body parts) in the area where the red light is. As a trivia, the device tends to work best when placed on the index finger or ring finger.
  3. While the procedure is happening, do your best to stay still so that the reading of the machine will be accurate. Moving your finger or your arm will get in the way. To keep your arm stable, place it on the arm of your chair. You have to stay still until the number flashes on the display screen.
  4. When it is taking time for the device to flash a reading, be patient because it can take only a few seconds or a full minute. You know that the device is working if there is a green light flashing. If there is a problem, the device will flash a red light. That is how it should work.
  5. The number that will be flashed on the display screen of the device will be in percentage. Just like an exam, the best result that you can possibly get is 100 percent. However, if you score any number between 95 to 99 percent, do not worry. That is a pretty good result which means that there is enough oxygen in your hemoglobin. Any number below 95 may mean that there is a problem so talk to your physician about it.

That is how simple it is to use a pulse oximeter correctly.